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For Homeowners:

•  Declutter/Organize any room

•  Donate unwanted things (no hazardous removal)

•  Drop off small items to consignment shops

•  Help sell items

•  Virtual Re-design

•  Flip homes for VRBO/Airbnb rentals

For Elderly Clients:

•  Work closely with the client to help ease the process of downsizing into independent/assisted living

•  This can include assisting with packing, unpacking, overseeing the movers

For Realtors:

•  Declutter your client’s home prior to photos and listing

•  Occupied staging

•  "Walk and Talk": offer advice for every room in their home prior to listing

•  Help pack/donate items during the move-out process

•  Supervise movers/unpack/organize during the move-in process

•  Redesign help with your client’s new home 

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